Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Old Fashioned Gossip

I'm addicted to blind items and spend a lot of time on sites like Crazy Days and Nights and Blind Gossip. Now, for those of you who don't know what blind items are, let me back up the truck a little and explain--blind items are news/gossip stories where the details are reported, but the identities are hidden. Okay, now that we are on the same page, let me share my favorite blind item from last week...

"Last week, this A list director of some very huge films was shooting his new movie. After work, our director went to a local restaurant (as was his routine) where he picked up two local floozies. After buying them a few drinks and impressing them with his big-shot “I’m a Big Hollywood Director” come-on, our director took the two tramps back to his hotel for a night of debauchery. Little did our director know what he was getting himself into!

Turns out that this pair of hometown hotties weren’t as dumb as our director thought. In fact, there were certified pros, if you get my meaning. (Word has it ugly pros, too – but hey, whattaya want.)

Anyway, flash forward a few hours

Our director wakes up the next morning feeling all kinds of groggy. He discovers his wallet missing, and worst of all – his laptop stolen. On the purloined laptop was reportedly the script to his new movie and several highly secret, ultra-confidential, For-His-Eyes-Only visual FX sequences for the new movie that could be leaked any day now. Not surprisingly, the studio is furious with our director and his utter lack of discretion.
"[via CDAN]

While popular guesses for this blind included douchebag directors like McG and Brett Ratner, Michael Bay was definitely the fan favorite. Not only does Bay have a history with the uh, ladies, but he is also in the middle of filming the special fx packed Transformers 2. In fact, this blind was practically confirmed when an industrious commenter from Gawker posted this lil story from TMZ:
Michael Bay Burglarized -- No Special FX Involved

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ director Michael Bay was the victim of a home break-in at his apartment in New Mexico last night. He's staying down there while filming "Transformers 2." If surveillance video of the crime exists, it's probably grossly over-directed, but will take in $100 mil at the box office anyway...

Well played studio heads, well played. I am betting one of two things are about to go down. Either secrets from the Transformers 2 set are about to leak all over the internet (and quite frankly, who cares?) or two "professional" ladies are about to get some serious cash from the studio.

Sidebar: don't you just love that picture of Bay "directing"? Love it.

How did I miss this?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby, you just made my day...

Good news everyone, Amy Sedaris, a.k.a. Jerri Blank, has just signed a deal with 20th Century Fox to create, write and star in her very own sitcom/comedy project! Long-time partner-in-crime Paul Dinello will also write and direct, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In somewhat related news, I was just wondering what last minute Halloween costume to throw together. I usually like to dress up as a television or film character and had narrowed it down to Joan Holloway from Mad Men, Ugly Betty or Kate from Lost (it can be done with the right cargo pants), but whoa, Jerri Blank would be amazing! This chick totally nailed it and even wrote down step by step instructions on how to achieve her look. Hhhhmmm....should I go for it?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chicago Film Craziness

There is a crazy amount of cinema happening in Chicago right now. I'm going to try and see as much as I can afford, so let me know if you are along for the ride.

-First and foremost, we have the Chicago International Film Festival that runs from Oct. 16th-29th, Time Out Chicago has a decent schedule of events posted on their website. When it comes to CIFF, I am a little overwhelmed. So. Many. Screenings. And so many of them are happening while I am at work. Ergh. I would like to see A Christmas Tale, Dead Girl's Feast and Tokyo Sonata, but I am open to anything that works in my schedule at this point.

-Thursday, October 16th, Conversations at the Edge is screening Joanie4Jackie: The Lady Glitterati of the New Movie Uprising.  I'm excited to see this video chainletter started by Miranda July.  Check out Jamie Murnane's article on Conversations and Joanie 4 Jackie in TimeOut Chicago for more information about the show.  

-Friday, October 24th, the Music Box is screening Don Hertzfeldt's latest animated feature I am so proud of you. Reviews for this flick are crazy good, I am especially excited for this one.  Hertzfeldt will be in attendance, and there will be an "embarrassing live on-stage interview" after the show. For more information, check out Bitter Films.

-Also on Friday the 24th, the Lakeshore Theater is hosting the Found Footage Festival. Check out the trailer, looks hilarious.  Why, oh, why does it have to be on the same night as Hertzfeldt?

-Running from October 24th -30th is London to Brighton, a British film I wanna see at the Gene Siskel. I'm hoping to squeeze it in somewhere.

In addition to all this, I still have to get out and see Religulous, W., Nick and Norah's Ultimate Playlist and Rachel Getting Married...So, yeah, I am pretty much going to go broke from watching movies.

A boring Lauren update

It's been forever since I have updated Pop Couture, for that, I apologize. I'm just so busy with uh, work? I wish. I owe my screenwriting partner, like 30 pages. I haven't finished this simple 3 minute Super 8 film I'm working on, I haven't edited a podcast I recorded three months ago, I haven't been reviewing any movies and I rarely make it to the gym...

Ugh, lazy.

I did manage to get a couple of things done, like destroy season one of Mad Men and obsess over 1950's era clothing. As we speak, I am purchasing shoes from Mod Cloth and a dress from Stop Staring. I want to look like Joan Holloway everyday.

Also, a new comic book shop has opened up down the street from me. Dangerous, I know. Third Coast Comics, check them out if you live on the Northside. I've become somewhat of a regular and was even interviewed by a very nice student from Loyola about the store. You can read his article here.  I have been reading a lot of comics lately, especially loving Brian Michael Bendis' books Powers and Alias (no, it has nothing to do with the tv show) in addition to my regulars like Buffy, Runaways and Fables, Invincible, Angel...

What else? Oh! I have been following this presidential election thingy obsessively. Reading loads of Wonkette, listening to NPR all day and watching The Daily Show regularly. I nearly peed my pants last week when after this segment. The whole thing is damn funny, but my favorite part starts seven minutes in. I'll leave you now, for some private time with Jon Stewart.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Let's Do Stuff: Renegade Craft Fair

Alright, who wants to spend some money with me? I'm definitely down for hitting up the Renegade Craft Fair this year, they have even added some musical acts to their crafty lineup. I'll mosey on down to Wicker Park after all breakfast needs have been satisfied on Saturday morning. So...'round noon? Call/comment/text/email or twitter if you are down. Okay...I realize that I'm waaaay too easy to get into contact with these days...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Missed Connections

My love for MC ads is well documented and I still check out the Craigslist MC's daily for inspiration/laughs. This morning I stumbled across this one, which is pretty fucking hilarious, especially if you obsessively listen to Chicago Public Radio.

To Melba Lara and Abby Ryan - m4w - 28 (WBEZ)

Melba, Abby, it's time we faced facts, it's time we considered all things. I've been listening to you two coldly thank one another for a long time now. There's a certain lifelessness that creeps into your voice Melba when you tell us that we're now going to turn to Abby for a look at the Roads. A certain delight when you report technical difficulties will not allow us to hear from her.

Abby, I sense something on your side as well. Why are you always so curt with Melba? For every ten times she thanks you for your fine reporting you seem to thank her once, why? I know it's between three and four in the afternoon and more often than not you have to be the bearer of bad news but shit Abby can't you take some solace in a familiar voice?

In my mind's eye you're both beautiful, successful women who live happy well informed lives. I can't imagine envy is the source of enmity between the two of you. Sure, Melba's the fancy anchor but how often do anchors get access to helicopters? I presume you think of one another as colleagues and equals. So what is it? Does Melba represent something sinister in the world of N.P.R. that only you are aware of Abby? Has Abby always seemed a little perkier than public radio Melba? Really my question is, can I help?

Happy Labour Day gals.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

For real, his middle name is "Neil."

Okay, let's say you are a D-list celebrity and you, of course, need some attention, BUT, you've already appeared/starred/groveled on a VH1 "Celeb" reality show and made a sex tape.  What's next?  Well, Dustin Neil Diamond, better known as Screech, has exhausted most of his options, except one...He is currently in the process of writing a tell-all book about his Saved by the Bell days called Behind the Bell. Now, I'm not sure what sort of sordid details will be revealed by this book (sex/drugs/yawn), but I can only hope that it will be followed up by some sort of behind the scenes, made-for-tv movie ridiculousness like Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three's Company.      

I, of course, will read Behind the Bell in the Borders Cafe as soon as it comes out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have totally seen Chinatown.

So July has been a busier month than expected, but I totally got a jump on my best of list.  Here are the movies I have seen so far and some thoughts that came to me while viewing: 

Chinatown: Highly recommend.  This is my favorite Nicholson performance right behind "The Shining," and Faye Dunaway is awesome.

Network: Speaking of Dunaway, she totally rocks out in this flick.  Another excellent movie you should add to your Netflix queue if you haven't already seen it.

Night and Fog: This French documentary about the Holocast by Alain Resnais is very, uh...French and super short.  

Hiroshima Mon Amour: Speaking of Resnais, his first full length feature "Hiroshima" is both beautiful and frustrating.  Just like "Last Year at Marienbad."  I highly recommend any of Alain's work, mostly because I just need to talk to someone about it.

Nashville: Meh.  I liked it okay, but I think this is my least favorite Altman film.  I love the Elliot Gould cameo, however.

Seven Up/Plus 7: Rent this movie! It's one of my favorite documentaries and is at times, extremely adorable.

Fast, Cheap & Out of Control: If you are a fan of "This American Life" the tv series, you should get in on some Errol Morris action. The influence is evident- dramatic cinematography and Philip Glass score.  My only complaint is that Morris goes on a bit too long...

Short Cuts:  Classic Altman.  I could watch these characters depress me all day.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf: Cruel...Cruel and awesome.

Breathless: I've studied "Breathless" in half a dozen film classes, but never seen it all the way through.  Many teachers treat it like the most important movie ever.  I like it okay and understand its importance but...It's not like it changed my life or particularly inspire me.    

Ten down.  Ninety more to go.  Shoot me an e-mail or comment if you have any suggestions.  I know I have La Dolce Vita and Scenes from a Marriage up on deck, along with some lighter fare such as The King of Kong and Singles.